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The Zebra RS6000 ring scanner is one of the most rugged, reliable and efficient ring scanners on the market, with 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities and the ability to connect to devices via Bluetooth. When you pair your Zebra wearable or handheld mobile computers with Zebra’s RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, you give your workers the superior technology they need to take productivity to the next level. You can easily pair the RS6000 to your WT6000 mobile computer with a single press of a button and skip the length deployment process other products have. This ring scanner is built to deliver reliable operation in the warehouse and manufacturing plant — inside, on the loading dock or in the freezer.

Some features and benefits of this product include:

  • Rugged - The RS6000 is built to last in your most challenging warehouse and manufacturing environments. With its 6 ft./1.8 m drop specification, new tumble rating and IP65 sealing, this Bluetooth ring scanner is drop-proof, spray-proof and dust-proof. The patented Monocoque unibody housing provides the structural stability required to handle the twisting that’s common during a fall or bump. Designed for subzero temperatures, the RS6000 is ready for use in the freezer.
  • Uses Zebra's PRZM imagerZebra’s high performance imager with PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology enables lightning fast capture of any 1D or 2D barcode. Advanced scanning algorithms enable the capture of barcodes in virtually any condition, eliminating time-consuming exceptions. And superior motion tolerance allows your workers to capture barcodes as fast as they can press the trigger, even if items or workers are in motion.
  • Ergonomic - Users can instantly switch between right and left hand operation on-the-fly, increasing flexibility and reducing fatigue. Plus with the new durable, rubberized silicone mount and finger strap, the RS6000 is exceedingly comfortable, even on bare skin. And the non-absorbent material is easy to wipe down for easy cleaning at the start and end of every shift.
  • Bluetooth 4.0  - This device uses Bluetooth 4.0 to provide the fastest and most power-efficient version of Bluetooth yet. And if required, support for Class 1 Bluetooth provides an extended wireless range up to 300 ft./91.4 m.
  • Flexible Manual or Automatic Triggering - The RS6000 can be configured with a manual trigger or can operate in triggerless mode using the integrated Proximity Sensor and accelerometer. In triggerless mode, the RS6000 can be mounted on the fingers or in a back-of-the-hand glove, while the trigger-operated two-finger mount puts users in charge of when to scan.
  • Easy to deploy - Pair the powerful Bluetooth RS6000 ring scanner with the WT6000 with a split second tap — no more scanning barcodes, manually configuring devices for discovery or accidentally pairing another nearby device.

Comes with a one year warranty as well as a battery (BT000262A01)

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