Services Yes, we continue to take care of you long after the sale is over.

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Service Contracts

With a service contract you can say goodbye to surprise repair bills and save time waiting for new equipment to arrive. We guarantee our products will work to the manufacturer’s original specs, and for a specified time. Ask about our All Perils coverage, which does exactly what it says. Then put your mind and your budget at ease.


Why send your equipment in for refurbishing/remanufacturing? Because replacing hardware is a pain in the back end and the bottom line. The cost. The potential wait time. The upgrades – you may need new software to go with the new hardware. But we can renew your products to like-new working order and even supply you with buffering units to keep business moving while we do our thing.

Mass Configuration & Deployment

Need your mobile warehouse equipment to work right out of the box? We can do that. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make sure your lot is ready to hit the warehouse floor running.


There’s a reason people rent bouncy castles for children’s birthday parties instead of buying them: you need it only once. Or once a year. Same goes for your spike periods: why buy equipment you need just to get over your busy time, then have to deal with it the rest of the year? The cost, the storage. It’s not worth it. Just rent what you need from us when you need it, and return it when you’re done. It’s that simple.   


Did you know you can lease remanufactured barcode logistics equipment and innovative mobile solutions? Leasing spreads the price out over time, making it easy for you to budget. You can also include a service contract, for extra peace of mind and value.

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