RS419-HP2000FSR Ring Scanner

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The Symbol RS419 Ring Scanner offers handsfree scanning capabilities to improve the efficiency of your warehouse, distribution center, or retail store. The RS419 is a light weight and comfortable wearable scanner that pairs with the WTxxxx series to offer superior operational efficiency and speed. By reducing time lost from setting an item down to check a paper work order or to pick up a handheld device to scan a barcode this allows your workers to complete their tasks more effectively and with greater speed - without having to spend more costs on staffing.

Some features and benefits of the RS419 Ring Scanner include:

  • Ring scanner design leaves hands free to move packages and other materials, improving worker productivity and operational efficiency
  • Patented Adaptive Scanning technology enables scanning of 1D barcodes from near contact to 15 ft./ 4.5 m for increased worker productivity
  • Enables first-time capture of bar codes in different lighting conditions, and is highly effective at capturing even partially damaged or poorly printed barcodes - saving you and your staff time.
  • Superior trigger ergonomics accommodates wide range of gloved or ungloved hand sizes; large accessible trigger makes it easier to use over long periods
  • Swivel feature enables easy switching from right to left hand use
  • The separate finger strap assembly improves hygiene and personalization in addition to being easy to replace, which is perfect for the post COVID world.

Comes with a one year warranty.

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